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Happy Holidays! (no post today)

This is the week when all of Santa’s Elves who work in game-making-places all over the world take a hopefully well deserved break, so no game development post today. Instead, here’s some nice audio books and podcasts that I’ve enjoyed on my commutes in the past year. Happy Holidays! Escape Pod‘s short-fiction podcast has not […]

Sentences That Should Be Carved Into Foreheads

Non-desktop platforms don’t have paged memory. If the application exhausts memory, it dies.
The lack of paged memory means that memory fragmentation can kill an application.
Therefore, game applications cannot leak memory. Ever. Period.

A better Windows environment variable editor

Rapid Environment Editor is a free tool that lets you easily edit Windows environment variables such as PATH in a much better interface than Windows’ built-in dialog.

Router QoS for Source games running on Steam

Here are the Quality-of-Service settings I use on my home wireless router to ensure good Team Fortess/Left4Dead performance even while other machines on the network are using the web or downloading from Steam.

December Reading List

In the realm of “things I really wish I had paid more attention to while we were crunching on Left 4 Dead“, I’ve recently been going through the talks from last June’s Gamefest. There is a lot of really great stuff in there, and I’ve only skimmed through a few of them so far, but […]