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Support page for GDC16 “TLDR statistics”

Thanks to everyone who came to my GDC talk. Here are my PowerPoint slides, with a summary of my narration in the speaker’s notes. You can also download a .PDF export. Macros Here’s the further info and how-to on the Excel macros I demonstrated. The Student’s t-test is built into Microsoft Excel. You can use […]

Under Reconstruction

Due to a failure at my previous webhost, I’ve moved Some Assembly Required to a new hosting service. Most of the text has come over, but a lot of the images and media need to be restored manually. Leave a comment here if you find anything missing.

“AI-Driven Dynamic Dialog” at GDC 2012

At last week’s Game Developers’ Conference I delivered a talk titled “AI-driven Dynamic Dialog”, describing the dialog system used in Left4Dead, Dota, and basically all of Valve’s games since The Orange Box. A PDF export of the slides for my talk is now available here. I’ve also created a support page where I’ll gather all […]

Square Roots in vivo: normalizing vectors

Following my earlier article on timing various square-root functions on the x86, commenter LeeN suggested that it would be useful to also test their impact on a more realistic scenario than square-rooting long arrays of independent numbers. In real gameplay code the most common use for sqrts is in finding the length of a vector […]

Happy Holidays! (no post today)

This is the week when all of Santa’s Elves who work in game-making-places all over the world take a hopefully well deserved break, so no game development post today. Instead, here’s some nice audio books and podcasts that I’ve enjoyed on my commutes in the past year. Happy Holidays! Escape Pod‘s short-fiction podcast has not […]

A really specific Facebook phishing virus?

This message I received on Facebook shows how phishers are using social networks to make their messages appear to come from a legitimate, trusted source.