Forensic Debugging: Thanks Are Due

While debugging a smashed stack may seem like a heroic feat, the most heroic thing about my talk is the amount of time, effort, and care my friends spent to help me put it together. I would never have made it to the GDC, let alone made any sense whatsoever onstage, without the support of all my friends inside and outside Valve.

A special badge of courage is due those those who bravely offered to sit through my rehearsals, gave me details for slides, or in some other way helped distill ninety minutes of inane gibbering into one hour of assembly and win:

  • Jeep Barnett
  • Dan Berger
  • Iestyn Bleasdale-Shepherd
  • Bank Charnchaichujit
  • John Cook
  • Kerry Davis
  • Bruce Dawson
  • Michelle Garrison
  • Bronwen Grimes
  • Dave Kircher
  • Tejeev Kohli
  • Joe Ludwig
  • Jason Mitchell
  • Kyle Monroe
  • Marc Nagel
  • Olivier Nallet
  • Alfred Reynolds
  • Dave Riller
  • Mike Sartain
  • Dave Saunders

Thanks, guys and gals — I wouldn’t have done it without you.

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