GDC2012: Dynamic Dialog

This is a placeholder page to support my GDC2012 talk, Dynamic Dialog.

A PDF export of the slides is available here. Here are the videos mentioned in the slides:

  1. Two Bots: Environment-Aware Speech
  2. Two Bots: Starting a Conversation
  3. Two Bots: Memory and Context
  4. Left4Dead2: Variety
  5. Left4Dead2: Automatic Barks
  6. Left4Dead2: Environmentally Triggered Dialog


  1. Great Talk! I was so much moved ! I want to hear more details.

  2. Remi Gillig says:

    Great talk and very useful advice and insights!

    Could you upload the “humorous video” from slide 81, please? Thanks.

    • Elan says:

      Thanks, Remi!

      The “humorous video” in 81 is just the leprechaun gag from the “Memory and Context” clip. In the live talk, I cut the original video up into smaller pieces to improve pacing and give myself time to drink some water between sections. Similarly the clip on slide 100 is the high-five and “Dr. Breen’s Private Reserve” gag from that same video.

  3. Jenn Sandercock says:

    Great talk. I think it was the most useful talk of GDC 2012 for me right now. I’m looking at how I implement a similar system for a mini personal project I’m working on.

    Thanks! I look forward to seeing the bibliography and learning more.

  4. Robert Duffill says:

    I honestly was near in stitches watching these small clips, just so funny. Thankyou for taking the time to produce the slides and have these clips available for people unable to attend GDC.

    “A shoe! Someone’s gonna fucking miss that….” – best line

  5. Pavel Drotar says:

    Great presentation, and cool videos. Thanks!

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