Happy Holidays! (no post today)

This is the week when all of Santa’s Elves who work in game-making-places all over the world take a hopefully well deserved break, so no game development post today. Instead, here’s some nice audio books and podcasts that I’ve enjoyed on my commutes in the past year. Happy Holidays!

  • Escape Pod‘s short-fiction podcast has not one but two Christmas specials.
  • X Minus One, The Lifeboat Mutiny. 50s-era science fiction radio play: two prospectors find themselves in possession of a lifeboat that’s more than it seems. Worth listening to for the Drone National Anthem alone!
  • G.K. Chesterton’s  The Wisdom Of Father Brown is available as a public-domain audio book from LibriVox, read by Martin Clifton. I found this collection of short stories about the eponymous priest-turned-private-detective to be fine treadmill listening.
  • WNYC’s science documentary special Radio Lab is always a singular pleasure.
  • And Subterranean Press was kind enough to produce a free audio book of Charlie Stross’ Trunk and Disorderly, a humorous adventure in a style that defies description (the closest anyone’s come is “Heinlein meets Wodehouse in space with a woolly mammoth”).

I’ll be back next week with some thoughts on replacing floating-point conditionals with branchless math.

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