How To Go From PC To Crossplatform Development (Without Killing Your Studio)

From Half-Life 2 to The Orange Box 

The slides for my talk at the 2008 Game Developers’ Conference, “How To Go From PC To Console Development Without Killing Your Studio,” are now available online at the Valve website. 

The talk describes some of the many pitfalls that face developers who are used to developing their games exclusively for the home personal computer, but are now about to embark upon their first crossplatform title, shipping on both PC and console at the same time. These pitfalls have brought some studios to their doom, but fear not: I also provide techniques for how to deal with each of these issues, without having to rewrite most of your game from scratch.  Some of the techniques are production issues, like dealing with certification. Others address programming problems like improving framerate on the PowerPC — some assembly is required.

My speaker’s notes are embedded in the slides: hover over or click the small dialog bubble that Adobe Acrobat superimposes at the top left.

I’ve also started a Q&A page to address questions people have asked me about this talk, either in person at the conference, or through email since then. If you have questions of your own, please feel free to leave a comment.

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